Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's the Rick Warren Fuss All About?

By Ben Trott

Objections to Rick Warren's invitation to direct the invocation at the inauguration are getting louder and louder. See the following articles for an overview of what is wrong with Warren here and here.

To summarise, though, here are a few of the most prominent objections to have been raised so far:
  • He was a prominent proponent of Proposition 8, attached to the November 4 ballot in California overturning the right to same-sex marriage
  • He refers to those who are pro-choice as 'Holocaust deniers', and compared efforts towards abortion reduction (rather than abolition) to 'Schindler's list'
  • He does not believe in evolution and thinks dinosaurs and humans inhabited the Earth (which he believes is only a few thousand years old) at the same time
  • He has said that the only difference between himself and Focus on the Family radio producer James Dobson is one of tone (for an overview of some of Dobson's views, see the following Wikipedia entry)
Journalist and filmmaker Geoffrey Dunn has a powerful piece on this issue at the Huffington Post. He explains that he has been hesitant to criticise Obama so far, despite some problematic choices made in his nominations for cabinet posts, but the news that Warren will deliver the invocation is 'simply an outrage.'

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