Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disappointment at a Kept Promise

By Ben Trott

Whilst there has been disappointment on the left at Obama's seeming to go back on his pre-election pledge to place a windfall tax on big oil profits, many were hoping that his promise to increase troop deployments to Afghanistan would turn out just to be election rhetoric. The belief was that maybe, just maybe, it was merely a strategy so as not to seem too reluctant to use America's 'hard power' next to Clinton and then McCain.

The retaining of Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, formally announced earlier this month, gave the first definite indication this was more than just bluster. Today, however, news officially broke of the plan for a sustained troop build up (an "uplift" rather than a "surge") of well over 20,000 additional US troops.

What will the response of the anti-war left be?

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