Saturday, December 13, 2008

Slowing Down on Iraq?

By Ben Trott

Robert Dreyfuss has an article on the Nation website looking at recent comments made by top Obama advisors on military and foreign policy issues. It would appear that many are currently 'urging caution' against a hasty withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and the seeing through of Obama's 16-month withdrawal pledge in particular.

I imagine the question that many will be asking over the next couple of months, particularly in light of Gates' recent announcement about increased troop deployments to Afghanistan, is to what extent will the anti-war left - within the Democratic Party, as well as organisations such as who played a major role in Obama's election campaign, and beyond - be able to influence the President-elect's emerging foreign policy? Without a major mobilisation - which amidst the current euphoria surrounding Bush's departure, looks rather unlikely - I imagine the answer to be: very little indeed.

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