Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama and the Economic Crisis

By Ben Trott

In an article in the latest issue of Red Pepper magazine, Naomi Klein, Doug Henwood, William Greider, Francis Fox Piven and Arun Gupta discuss possible responses to the current crisis with Barack Obama headed to the White House.

Incidentally, for coverage, analysis and discussion of the world economic crisis and what it means for the left, there are at least two sites worth keeping an eye on. One is called Radical Perspectives on the Crisis and the other Casino Crash: Critical thinking on the financial and economic crisis. The latter was set up by the Transnational Institute. Also, the independent magazine, Mule are currently putting together a series of articles on the crisis. One of those due to appear on their website later this month is titled 'Do You Remember the End of History?' and written by Turbulence, a magazine of which I am an editor.

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