Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White House Shoed by Protesters

By Ben Trott

The Huffington Post is running a report on a mass protest in Washington DC where, after a session of target practice on an enormous inflatable Bush-doll, hundreds of shoes were thrown at the White House. (By the way, if that sounds like fun to you, but you missed out on yesterday's event, you might want to have a little play with this 'Goodbye Mr. Bush' game. You can choose your own way of saying goodbye, throwing either sweets (if you do, he says 'Thank you!'), flowers, shoes, eggs or WMDs.)

According to the report, Medea Benjamin from the women's antiwar group, CODE PINK, was present at the protests. The organisation are running a campaign, 'Remind Obama of his Promises for Peace'. On their website, they pledge,
'CODEPINK's promise to you is to find creative, productive ways to hold Obama to his Promises for Peace. We will be the string around his finger that reminds him to practice what he preaches and deliver the change our country so desperately needs. Please join us in REMINDING OBAMA!'
They have produced the following campaign video and organised a series of events around today's inauguration.

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