Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Labour's Love (Getting) Lost?

By Ben Trott

Ben Smith has a piece on the Politico website about the notable absence of the as-yet-unnamed Labor Secretary from the Obama administration's economic team, announced a few days back.
'The markets rose on the news of Barack Obama’s economic policy team Monday, but some labor spirits fell. 

'Obama’s team of treasury secretary and four top economic advisers, introduced as the hands that will steer America’s economy, had no particular ties to the labor movement. And Obama’s secretary of labor was not introduced as part of that team — a suggestion that that post will retain its second-tier status and quiet voice in matters central to economic policy.'
As the article explains, labour's frustration is due in no small part to the amount they poured into the Obama camapaign, 'troops, money, key states.' Read on here. (Also see the interview with Valery Alzaga, European Organising Coordinator for the Change to Win Federation, published on this blog a few days back).

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